Kingston, Massachusetts



Master Plan Committee

On March 9, 2015 the Planning Board appointed the following members to the Master Plan Committee. Members of the Master Plan Committee will work with the Planning Board, the Town Planner and the Master Plan consultants to develop a Master Plan for the Town of Kingston. The Committee will serve until the Planning Board adopts the Master Plan, estimated time-frame to be within two years. 

 EX-OF  Thomas Bott, Town Planner
 EX-OF Maureen Thomas, Conservation Agent    
 BOS  Elaine A. Fiore
 CC Gary P. Lagenbach
 PB Susan T.Boyer
 BOH Joseph F. Casna, Jr.
 HC Christian A. Hoffman
 OS Matthew R. Capozzi
 STP Paul F. Basler
 BUS Richard J. Grady
 CI Mary O'Donnell