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Conservation Commission

Bay Farm - Courtesy of Maureen Thomas
Bay Farm - Courtesy of Maureen Thomas
The mission of the Conservation Commission is to protect the Town’s natural resources under the Conservation Commission Act (M.G.L. Chapter 40 § 8C (1957)) and the Town’s wetland resources under the Wetlands Protection Act (M.G.L. Chapter 131 § 40 (1972)), as well as the Wetlands Protection By-Law (G.L. Chapter 13 (1978)). 
Under the Conservation Commission Act, the Commission plans for natural resource protection, acquires important land and water areas and manages open space for conservation as well as passive recreation.  The Commission also encourages, reviews and monitors conservation restrictions.  In addition, the Commission assists the Open Space Committee with revisions to and implementation of the Kingston Open Space and Recreation Plan. 
Calista Farm - Photo Courtesy of Maureen Thomas
Calista Farm - Photo Courtesy of Maureen Thomas
the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Kingston Wetlands Protection By-Law, the Commission is responsible for reviewing and permitting work proposed within, or in close proximity to, inland and coastal wetlands including floodplains, rivers, ponds, beaches, banks, bays, or other surface waters.  The Commission is charged with protecting the following interests under both the Act and By-Law:  1) protection of public and private water supply; 2) protection of groundwater supply; 3) flood control; 4) storm damage prevention; 5) prevention of pollution; 6) protection of land containing shellfish; 7) protection of fisheries; and 8) protection of wildlife habitat.  The Commission ensures that work proposed within their jurisdiction protects these interests in both the permitting and construction phases.  Both the Act and By-Law contain provisions for enforcement which the Commission undertakes when violations to regulations/permits occur.
In addition to natural resource and wetland resource protection, the Commission regularly conducts education and outreach to other municipal boards as well as the general public.  The Commission accomplishes this outreach by: providing regular comment to other regulatory boards on natural resource/wetland issues; distributing brochures; posting important information on their webpage; conducting site visits upon request; accepting invitations to speak at community events; communicating with the media; advocating on behalf of the environment; as well as conducting business in an educational rather than confrontational manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Reference M.G.L., Chapter 40, Section 8C; ATM 3/16/63, Art. 27; ATM 4/13/92, Art. 33

Meets: every 1st and 3rd Tuesday or as otherwise posted
(See Meeting Calendar)
Committee Members:Term:
James P. Parker, Chairman2020
Marilyn R. Kozodoy, Vice Chair2018
Gary P. Langenbach2019
Dana G. Duperre2020
William J. Kavol2018
Vittorio "Buz" Artiano2018
Matthew Geraigery2019


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