Kingston, Massachusetts



Streets, Trees and Parks

Streets, Trees and Parks Staff
Streets, Trees and Parks Staff


 When snow is forecasted, residents are required to keep all parked vehicles off all streets and right of ways that are plowed by the Town to expedite snow-removal operations.  Vehicles obstructing sanding and plowing operations will be towed in accordance with Kingston Bylaw Article 9, Section 12.

 The Superintendent of Streets and/or other officers having charge of ways, is authorized to remove or caused to be removed any vehicle interfering with the Town’s ability to expedite said snow removal operations.  Any charges resulting from such removal and storage charges, if any, resulting from the removal shall be imposed upon the owner of such vehicle.

 The Town is not responsible for damaged fences, shrubs, trees, mail boxes, or other property that are within the street layout or other ways plowed by the Town.

The depositing of snow onto a public street or highway is a violation of Chapter 270 of Massachusetts General Laws and violators are subject to a fine of up to 1000 and to suspension of operator’s license and registration.